Light Memorial Presbyterian Church

          Greeters - 2019

JANUARY:          Shirlee Calchan

FEBRUARY:        Roger & Marj Jorgenson

MARCH:            Mary Nightingale

APRIL:               Randy & Leslie Richards


JUNE:                Eileen Nightingale

JULY:                 Eileen Nightingale


SEPTEMBER:      Randy & Leslie Richards


NOVEMBER:       Clara Benisek

DECEMBER:        Bret & Wanda Whartman

Instructions for Greeters:

  1. Arrive one-half hour before worship begins.
  2. Introduce yourself to those you identify as newcomers and visitors
  3. Invite guests to sign the guest register.
  4. Invite guests, as well as members, to coffee hour after service.
  5. Inform guests, who have children, of our nursery and cry room.

            Ushers - 2019

JANUARY:                Tom Nightingale

FEBRUARY:               Fritz Guenther

MARCH:                   Dwight Easterly

APRIL:                      Roger Jorgenson

MAY:                        Bret Whartman

JUNE:                       Duane Nightingale

JULY:                        Tom Nightingale

AUGUST:                   Carl Farmer

SEPTEMBER:             Randy Richards

OCTOBER:                Bret Whartman

NOVEMBER:             Duane Nightingale

DECEMBER:              Randy Richards

Instructions for Ushers:

  1. Arrive one-half hour before worship begins.
  2. Turn on lights and fans as appropriate
  3. Light the candles before the service
  4. Ask 2 people from the congregation to assist you in the collection of the offering. You should settle this matter before the service begins-- you can ask anyone -- young or old, male or female
  5. Pick up Prayer requests during the hymn of response and give to pastor.
  6. After the service the ushers should, pick up bulletins, make sure candles are extinguished, and lock all doors.